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Shark: Caffeine And Ingredients (Explained)

Shark Energy Drink is a brand that originated in Thailand. Although it’s not as popular as drinks like Krating Daeng, it’s actually widely available in Asia and some parts of Europe. This means that if you’re from around the said areas, you’ll surely find a can or two of Shark in your local convenience stores.

If you’re one of the people who are curious about what Shark Energy Drink can offer you, then the key is in its caffeine and ingredients.

For an overview: Shark Energy Drink has 50mg of natural caffeine, 12.5g of sugar, and is made up of several vitamins like B and C.

If you want to know more about Shark, then read the full article below.

Ingredients Of Shark Energy Drink

Here is a list of the ingredients of Shark Energy Drink:

  • Natural Caffeine
  • Sucrose
  • Vitamin B1
  • Vitamin B2
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin B3
  • Vitamin B5
  • Inositol

Shark actually has a notable list of ingredients. It’s better than famous brands like Krating Daeng, Red Bull, and Monster since this doesn’t have preservatives.

It also has a good line of B Complex and other vitamins like Inositol, which means that you’ll get quite a lot of benefits from it.

Nutrition Facts Of Shark Energy Drink

Below are the nutrition facts based on an 8.4 fl.oz serving of Shark Energy Drink:

Nutrition Facts Label of Shark Energy Drink
Nutrition Facts of Shark in Thai
NutrientAmount per 8.4 fl.oz serving
Calories120 Calories
Vitamin B10.5mg
Vitamin B22mg
Vitamin B65mg
Vitamin B123mcg
Vitamin C22.5mg
Vitamin B320mg
Vitamin B55mg
Nutrition Facts of Shark Energy Drink

To wrap it up, you can expect one 8.4 fl.oz serving of Shark to provide you with 50mg of caffeine, 12.5g of sugar, and 120 calories.

All are in moderate amounts, which is a big advantage compared to other brands that originated in Thailand and Asia.

How Much Caffeine Is In Shark?

An 8.4 fl.oz serving of Shark has 50mg of caffeine.

coffee beans
Shark has a moderate amount of caffeine.

The caffeine used in the drink is derived from natural sources. It’s in moderate amounts so you won’t have to worry about crossing the FDA’s daily limit of 400mg.

Similarly, one serving won’t pose several caffeine-related side effects if you drink it.

Shark Energy is a fantastic alternative for folks who are caffeine sensitive or already have a caffeine-rich diet. This is because it contains less caffeine than other products. It’s also equivalent to just a half-cup of coffee.

Nevertheless, you still have a choice to look into caffeinefree energy drinks if you have an unlikely reaction to the ingredient.

How Much Sugar Is In Shark?

Shark contains 12.5g of sugar per 8.4 fl.oz serving.

Compared to other brands and the 50g added sugar limit set by the FDA, Shark’s sugar level is relatively low. This means that it’s unlikely for you to go through sugar crashes and other side effects if you aren’t sensitive to the said ingredient.

The good thing is, Shark has a sugar-free version. You should look into this if you want to totally avoid the risks related to sugar consumption.

Note that despite the moderate sugar level, it’s still best if you monitor your intake and keep it to only one serving.

How Many Calories Are In Shark?

One 8.4 fl. oz serving of Shark contains 120 calories.

Shark’s calorie count is moderate. It isn’t low enough to not have an effect on weight and diet intake, but it also isn’t that high for you to be alarmed about one serving.

Basically, if you’re a healthy adult following the recommended daily 2,000-calorie intake, then there are no issues in drinking Shark.

However, if you’re pretty strict about your intake, it will be a better option to opt for either low or zero-calorie drinks. There are also energy-boosting beverages designed especially for diet maintenance.

Does Shark Have Vitamins?

Shark Energy Drink contains a lot of vitamins, namely Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, C, and Inositol.

Pile of vitamins
Shark Energy Drink has 8 vitamins.

For reference, here are the benefits that you can get from Shark’s vitamins:

Vitamin B1Aids in the flow and production of
Vitamin B2Helps the body break down
Vitamin B3Boosts brain functions
Vitamin B5Helps convert food into energy
Vitamin B6Improves mood and brain health
Vitamin B12Keeps nerve cells healthy
Vitamin CAids in the development
of body tissues
InositolHelps in easing anxiousness
Vitamins in Shark Energy Drink

Keep in mind that despite the high vitamin content, this isn’t a substitute for actual health supplements.

Are The Ingredients Of Shark Vegan?

The ingredients of Shark Energy Drink are vegan.

The official website of Shark Energy has confirmed that the drink is vegan. It doesn’t contain any animal by-products, which is definitely a plus for vegans who are looking for an all-natural energy drink.

Have a look at the Shark Review below:

Are The Ingredients Of Shark Gluten-Free?

The ingredients of Shark Energy Drink are gluten-free.

Shark i gluten free.
Shark is gluten-free.

Apart from being vegan, one of the key qualities of Shark is being gluten-free.

Whether you’re following a gluten-free diet or you have celiac disease, you can feel free to drink Shark. This drink won’t put your special diet at risk.

The brand has also confirmed this claim, but if you’re still wary, you can always contact them for clarification.

Flavors Of Shark Energy Drink

Shark is available in 6 flavors.

Here is a list of the variations that you can choose from:

Flavors of Shark Energy Drink
Flavors of Shark Energy Drink
  • Original
  • Sugar Free
  • Zero Calories
  • Red Berries
  • Apple & Melon
  • Strawberry x Lime

Shark has very interesting flavors, but if you want to play it safe, then I recommend going in for either the Original or Sugar-Free.

How Much Is Shark Energy Drink?

One 8.4 fl.oz can of Shark Energy Drink retails for $1 to $2.

Shark Energy Drink on a shelf
Shark is an affordable drink.

Shark Energy Drink is one of the most affordable brands in the market. On average, you can find a 24-pack being sold for around $30.

This, though, may still vary depending on where you buy the drink from. Here are some places that you can check:

Nevertheless, the drink stays as a budget-friendly option for those who are looking for an everyday energy drink.

Shark Energy Drink Alternatives

If you’ve tried Shark and it didn’t pass your preferred taste, then try these energy drinks below. These energy drinks are highly recommended and offer similar benefits as Shark Energy.


In terms of caffeine and ingredients, Shark Energy drink is one of the best brands that you should consider. It has moderate natural caffeine and comes with several vitamins. Its sugar is also on a moderate level.

The drink at hand has many benefits. It’s gluten-free, vegan, and its healthy extracts open a lot of benefits to whoever will drink it.

The only problem that some people may have is caffeine. Its 50mg content may not be enough for those who have strong needs when it comes to energy boosts. If this is the case, then drinks with higher caffeine content may be better for you.

This will be enough for those who only plan on studying and light physical activities, though.

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