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Can You Drink Nerd Focus Every Day? (Honest Answer)

Yes, you can drink Nerd Focus every day but consuming it in moderation is the best option.

The low caffeine and calorie count in Nerd Focus make it a good choice for everyday consumption.

As an added bonus, you receive a healthy combination of nootropics and vitamins in a 12 fl. oz. can. Drinks that boost energy and focus while giving you a low caffeine content in one serving are few and far between.

Caffeine can negatively affect your health and mood if consumed in large doses. An energy drink that has a sufficient amount of caffeine but does not cause headaches or jitters is the only option in this situation.

When it comes to energy drinks, Nerd Focus is one of those that has low caffeine levels while still offering long-lasting stimulation.

The perks and adverse effects of the ingredients in Nerd Focus are explained in the section below.


Here are the ingredients that makeup Nerd Focus:

IngredientsCalorie-free VariantOriginal Variant
Composition of Nerd Focus

Several other key ingredients make up Nerd Focus.

The formula for managing memory and focus:

  • DMAE
  • Huperzine A
  • Ginkgo Biloba
  • GABA
  • Alpha GPC

Additional ingredients:

  • Carbonated water
  • Corn Syrup
  • Natural & artificial color
  • Sodium Benzoate
  • Gum Arabic
  • Ester gum
  • Citric Acid

There are five essential ingredients in this focus and memory formula drink that will help improve your concentration during exams, video games, and other cognitive activities.

Nerd Focus contains brain-boosting ingredients as well as ingredients that promote physical activity. It also contains high amounts of huperzine A, which stimulates your body and boosts your cognitive abilities.

As long as you are using it for no longer than six months, you will not experience any side effects. Children, pregnant women, and people with heart problems are not recommended for taking it.

Using Huperzine A continuously for more than six months may cause the following symptoms:

The higher concentration of Huperzine A in Nerd Focus makes it necessary for you to limit your intake in order to prevent the above-mentioned symptoms.

Nutritional Facts 

Here are some nutritional details about Nerd Focus:

Nutritional Information
Nutritional Information
IngredientsAmount per serving
Vitamins (B2, B3, B6, B12)2mg, 24mg, 2.6mg, 3.6mcg
Added Sugars42g
Ginseng Extract135mg
Guarana Seed Extract37.5mg
Nutrition Facts

There is 128 mg of caffeine in one serving of Nerd, considerably less than the recommended dosage. Caffeine should not be consumed in excess of 400 mg daily, according to FDA recommendations.

The sodium content of Nerd is adequate at 105mg as 140 mg of sodium is considered low by the FDA in a serving.

Do you know why your body needs sodium?

Salt is a dietary staple that should be consumed every day. This helps you stay hydrated by increasing your body’s rate of absorption of liquid.

Also contained in Nerd is a sodium salt, organic in nature, sodium benzoate, that is used to preserve the product. You need adequate sodium for your body and brain to function properly.

When you work out in the heat, sodium improves your mental focus and memory. There may be differences in performance from athlete to athlete, so limit consumption to 1500mg daily.


Despite providing less than the recommended dosage for adults, each serving of Nerd Focus contains 135mg of Ginseng extract. 

According to reports, 200mg of this extract is a safe dosage.

Ginseng normally comes in two varieties: an American type and a Korean type. There seem to be no significant differences between the two types. 

Different periods of time may be required for them to grow. Korea is the country that produces the most commonly used Ginseng. 

It’s unclear where the Ginseng used in Nerd Focus comes from. 

You may experience the following benefits if you take Ginseng under the recommended dose:

  • Reduced Inflammation
  • Improved cognitive functions
  • Better immune system
  • Fight fatigue

As with any food or supplement, consuming too much Ginseng may have negative effects on your health.

There are a few side effects associated with Ginseng, including stomach problems and dizziness. Taking Ginseng for a longer period of time can cause these side effects. For this reason, Nerd Focus is not recommended for extended use.

Guarana Seed Extract

Nerd Focus contains 37.5mg of Guarana as one of its ingredients. As for Guarana extract’s consumption, however, it is recommended that you can take 75mg to 100mg per day. 

Nerd Focus - a Healthy Blend
Nerd Focus-Healthy Blend

Guarana should be taken at this dosage if you are physically fit; else, consult your doctor.

Guarana has neuro stimulant effects on the brain and body, according to research. 

Don’t exceed the recommended dose of 400mg when taking this or any other caffeine-containing ingredient.

Guarana’s long-term use may cause the following side effects:

You can take one or two cans per day of Nerd Focus if you need a moderate dose of Guarana.

What is the Caffeine Content of Nerd Focus?

Despite the fact that caffeine is a drug that can be found in any energy drink or supplement, Nerd Focus contains just 128mg, about the same as two cups of coffee.

There is no known adverse effect of caffeine on your body or brain when you drink Nerd in a 10 fl. oz. can. The results you’ll get from consuming this are subtle but significant. 

The caffeine-containing ingredient Guarana is also used in Nerd as discussed above. It has more stimulating and focusing effects than coffee. This coffee bean-sized seed is contained only in 37.5mg in Nerd, so there is little chance it will cause a crash.

If you do not want to become addicted to caffeine, I recommend taking only one serving a day.

Carbohydrates and Sugar

If you do not want to experience any jitters or crashes, choose the sugar-free variant of Nerd since it is available in two variants: one with sugar, and the other without.

42g of Sugar in Nerd Focus
42g of Sugar in Nerd Focus

There is 42g of sugar added to each serving of Nerd. The sugar in Nerd is more than the recommended amount of 25 grams per woman and 36 grams per man per day. 

Sugar is another energy source that carbohydrates break down into. You’re more likely to gain weight when you consume simple carbohydrates.

Natural sugars are different from the sugar added to food. Unlike naturally occurring sugar, sugar added to food does not contain nutrients.

In addition to that, Nerd also contains Sucralose, which is a much sweeter alternative to sugar. You can’t gain weight while using artificial sweeteners since it has no calories. 

I strictly refuse to recommend Nerd to diabetics due to its excessive sugar content. They have a sugar-free focus drink, which works just as well.

Nerd Focus: Essential Vitamins

A short-term and long-term use of Nerd’s four essential vitamins is beneficial. In Nerd, you can find:

  • Vitamin B2
  • Vitamin B3
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B12

Vitamin B3 (also referred to as Niacin) makes up 24mg of Nerd. Men should take 16mg, while women should take 14mg. 

Vitamins of all other types are below the recommended levels in Nerd. You won’t suffer any long-term effects from taking only one can a day.

You can reduce stress and improve concentration by taking vitamins in a moderate amount. They’re beneficial to your mental and physical health.

Vitamins Intake

Is Nerd Focus Delicious? 

The Nerd may seem like a better version of Mountain Dew to you. Jolly Rancher and this focus drink are similar in taste.

Despite the drink’s great ingredients, there’s no doubt about its quality. On the other hand, taste is very important as well.

Like some powdered supplements, Nerd leaves an aftertaste on your tongue even though it has no calories or carbs.

Any flavor of Nerd may also leave you with a citrus flavor.

Can Nerd Focus Be Used as a Pre-Workout Drink? 

Nerd Focus is undoubtedly a pre-workout beverage due to the caffeine content and ingredients that provide an equivalent effect, such as Guarana and Ginseng. 

Having this carbonated drink after working out can keep your body hydrated. 

The original Nerd Focus provides the same level of energy and focus, as the sugar-free variant in case you have a sugar sensitivity.

Nerd Focus should not be taken more than once a day in order to prevent side effects.

Is Nerd Focus Suitable for Everyone? 

I recommend not drinking caffeine-containing energy drinks as a teenage gamer. Unfortunately, coffee and caffeine-containing energy drinks are hard to find.

Nerd Focus Can
Nerd Focus is for healthy individuals

For those who are studying or playing video games, there are a few drink options without caffeine that help them concentrate.

Further, if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or caffeine sensitive, you should not consume this drink.

People with diabetes or blood sugar issues can also buy calorie-free versions of Nerd.

Nerd Focus: Can it be Harmful? 

Considering that this product contains nootropics that improve focus and concentration, you can say that if consumed in moderation, this drink isn’t dangerous for your health.

Ginseng is a herbal compound found in Nerd Focus. It can improve energy levels and reduce stress. Additionally, it provides immunity protection.

Among other attributes making Nerd a healthy drink, caffeine and sodium content are acceptable.

Due to the sugar in Nerd’s original flavor, you might want to opt for their calorie-free flavor instead.

Nerd is an overall good pre or post-workout energy drink, provided you ignore the fact that the calorie-free version leaves an aftertaste.

If you want to avoid feeling jittery, don’t consume more than one serving per day.

Nerd Focus – Where To Buy? 

Nerd Focus is available online as well as in physical stores. You can purchase the drink from their website or from Amazon.

Each can of Nerd Focus contains 12 fl. oz. You would have to spend around $30 to get twelve cans. The price is the same for both flavors.

The 12 oz. Nerd cans are pretty pricey considering their size.

Flavors of Nerd Focus

You won’t find a lot of variety in Nerd Focus flavors. They offer only original and zero-calorie beverages. They all contain vitamins, caffeine, and sodium in a moderate amount.

The ingredients and amounts of the two flavors are almost identical. Calorie, sugar, and sodium content are the only differences.

Zero-calorie flavors are sugar-free and fat-free. 170 calories and 42 grams of sugar are found in the original flavor.

Those who suffer from health problems or wish to avoid sugar crashes should choose the zero-calorie flavor.


Final Thoughts

You can drink Nerd Focus daily provided you keep the intake limited. Nerd Focus is a mildly carbonated beverage with 128mg of caffeine. It may appear that a tiny dose of caffeine produces only minor effects.

You will, however, receive blends of Ginseng and Guarana Seed, that will excite you in the same way that caffeine does.

Furthermore, this drink is offered in both regular and sugar-free varieties, allowing you to select the flavor that best suits your needs.

The regular taste comprises 150mg of sodium, whereas the sugar-free variant has 115 mg.

Nerd Focus may be a little too sweet for you because it contains added sugar, which is a manufactured and processed sugar alternative.

If you like Mountain Dew, you might like Nerd Focus. It tastes extremely similar to Mountain Dew.

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