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Gamer Supps (GG) Nutrition Facts (Analyzed And Explained)

This gaming supplement has an ideal combination of nutrients, nootropics, and antioxidants that helps you function at a higher level for a longer time. The formula is specifically designed for eSports athletes and gamers. However, you can take it to improve your physical performance as well. 

If you’re looking for a solution for all your energy needs, you may not find a suitable option other than Gamer Supps. Those following a zero-calorie or ketogenic diet can also consume this safely. 

This article intends to discuss the nutrition facts of Gamer Supps. Additionally, I’ll let you know if you can take it as a pre-workout.

Let’s dive into it…. 


Here are the ingredients of Gamer Supps (GG):

  • Organic Erythritol
  • Caffeine
  • L-Theanine
  • L-Tyrosine
  • Choline
  • L-Bitrate
  • Lutein
  • Coenzyme
  • Acai Berry Extract
  • Mangosteen
  • Goji Berry Extract
  • Ginseng Root Extract

If you wanna know how does Gaming Supps taste like, I’d recommend watching this video.

Nutrition Facts

Nutritional ContentsAmount Per Serving
Caffeine100 mg
Total Carbs<1 g
Organic Erythritol<1 g
Table shows nutrition facts of Gamer Supps (GG)

As you can see, Gamer Supps (GG) has good nutrition. This is the first thing one should look for in a drink when trying it out for the first time. 

There are zero calories, carbs, and sugar in the supplement. This factor makes this drink a suitable solution for all your energy needs. 

Gamer Supps (GG): Caffeine Levels

coffee beans
Gamer Supps (GG) has a very moderate dose of caffeine which isn’t associated with any negative effects.

The label doesn’t carry any information regarding the dose of caffeine in the beverage. There’s a nootropic blend of 159,000 mcg. However, the brand states on its website that 4 servings of the supplement contain 400 mg of caffeine.

It’s evident that the amount of caffeine in the beverage is below what the FDA approves for daily consumption. Furthermore, consuming 100 mg of caffeine from each serving will not make you crash. As per FDA regulations, you shouldn’t go beyond 400 mg of caffeine in a single day. 

Keep in mind, taking more caffeine than 400 milligrams might cause the following symptoms;

  • Headache
  • Anxiety
  • Dependency
  • Nervousness
  • Sleeplessness
  • Dehydration

When you are taking any caffeinated beverage, you should consume more water to avoid dehydration. Also, you shouldn’t take caffeine from other sources when taking Gamer Supps just to avoid an overdose. 

Gamer Supps (GG): Sugar Levels

more sugar
Gamer Supps (GG) is sugar-free and will not raise your blood sugar levels.

The fact that there’s no sugar in Gamer Supps makes this beverage a suitable option for a wide range of individuals. Especially diabetics and sugar-sensitive individuals shouldn’t take drinks containing sugar. 

The best part about this power drink is that it doesn’t contain carbs. It’s not like other sugar-free energy beverages that are loaded with a larger dosage of carbs which serve pretty much the same purpose as sugars. 

Like sugar, carbs also increase your blood sugar levels, therefore, leading to weight gain. Therefore, those with diabetes shouldn’t only look for a sugar-free drink but also a carb-free one. 

According to AHA guidelines, men should keep their daily intake below 36 grams, while women shouldn’t go beyond 24 grams. You should check the sugar content of snacks and drinks before buying them, so your sugar levels will stay below the safe level. 

Sugar Alcohols

When there’s no sugar in the beverage, brands use one or two sugar replacements to make drinks taste less bitter. Some drinks contain artificial sugars, while some come with organic ones. 

In Gamer Supps, you get both types of sugar substitutes; organic and artificial. There is less than 1 gram of organic erythritol. When it comes to positive aspects of sugar, erythritol has most of them. In comparison with added sugar, this sugar alcohol has a very small amount of calories.

It doesn’t raise your blood sugar levels, meaning it’s safe for consumption. 

There are two artificial sugar replacements; sucralose and acesulfame potassium. Fortunately, both of these artificial sugars are FDA-approved. They also come with a zero-calorie profile. 

You might find this gaming supplement overly sweet because artificial sweeteners are sweeter than added sugar as erythritol has 70% of the sweetness of added sugar and sucralose is 600 times sweeter than the sugar you use regularly. 

Nutrients in Gamer Supps (GG)

There is a good amount of vitamins in Gamer Supps (GG)

In this supplement, there exist 5 different groups of vitamins. Interestingly, the label carries the information regarding the present amount in the beverage. 

Let’s see what benefits you can get from these vitamins and if the dose present is below what health authorities regulate;

Vitamins (Present Amount)Safe DosageFunctions
Vitamin C (100 mg) 75-90 mgIt plays a key role in brain functioning and the nervous system. The conversion of fat into energy is also taken care of by this vitamin.
Vitamin D3 (100 IU)400-800 IUThis type of vitamin D is found in eggs and animal foods. This vitamin has a primary role in improving your immune system. 
Vitamin B6 (5 mg)1.7 mgThis vitamin can fight depression and improve your mood. It is also beneficial for improving your eye health. 
Vitamin B12 (200 mcg)2.4 mcgA moderate dosage of this nutrient improves your energy. You can also take it for enhancing memory and mood.
Vitamin H (Biotin – 100 mcg)30-100 mcgVitamin H or biotin plays a key role in converting nutrients into energy. This vitamin also grows your hair. 
The table shows the functions of vitamins

As you can see, some vitamins are in higher doses than what health authorities regulate. There are chances that you might face negative side effects by consuming an unsafe dosage. 

The dose of biotin is safe, however, some individuals might face nausea and diarrhea. 

Amino Acids

This table shows the recommended dosage and functions of amino acids in the supplement.

Amino Acids Safe DoseFunctions
L-Theanine (unknown amount)250-400 mgIt might help reduce stress and anxiety. When it’s combined with caffeine, it increases your focus. 
L-Tyrosine (unknown amount)150 mg/kgThis amino acid also provides you with increased energy. It is more useful when taken in stressful situations. 
Here’s what Amino Acids do to your brain and body

Other Nootropics

Apart from caffeine, there are other nootropics in this gaming supplement as well. The thing I didn’t like about this supplement is the missing information regarding the number of active ingredients. Since taking a higher dose of active ingredients is associated with negative effects, you should know how much you’re consuming. 

Ginseng Root Extract

The daily recommended dosage for Ginseng is between 200 mg to 3 g. It takes this root seven years to grow and has numerous antioxidant properties. 

It works great for both healthy individuals and those with Alzheimer’s disease by improving mental functions and mood. It also makes your immune system function better. Lowering blood sugar levels is another benefit of ginseng root. 

You shouldn’t consume this root for a long period, or it might become less effective. If you need to take this root for a long time, take breaks so it doesn’t lose its effectiveness. 

Lycium Barbarum

There’s no information regarding the recommended dosage of Lycium Barbarum.

Research shows that this ingredient is effective in the following conditions;

  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Dry cough
  • Lowers blood pressure

You will gain energy, sleep better, and feel less tired if you take this berry every day. 

Can You Take Gamer Supps (GG) As a Pre-workout?

You can take Gamer Supps as a Pre-workout due to the presence of caffeine

Undoubtedly, this supplement will work great as a pre-workout. All the active ingredients start working immediately after consuming this supplement. 

However, this gaming supplement doesn’t claim to be a pre-workout. Most of the ingredients, including lutein, intend to improve your eye health. 

Caffeine is the only stimulant that is common in pre-workouts. It blocks adenosine and keeps you alert for several hours. 

Overall, you can take this supplement to boost your mental and physical performance. When you try their free samples, you’ll get two servings in each sachet. But, I wouldn’t recommend taking more than one serving in a day. 

Where to Buy Gamer Supps (GG)? 

I couldn’t find it on Amazon, so there’s no way you can get it there. Through their official website, you can get these supplements delivered right to your door. 

There you’ll see a full range of flavors with different serving sizes. This supplement comes with two options, one with 60 servings and the other with 100 servings. 

In my honest opinion, committing to a full tub without trying the flavor isn’t an ideal decision. Therefore, Gamer Supps gives you an option to try their free sachets, each sachet containing two servings. 

The only problem with free sachets is that you don’t get to choose the flavor and the brand will send you any two flavors.


I liked the light energy boost Gamer Supps gave me with no crash. Additionally, it has zero sugar, so there will be no insulin response. 

When I tried it for the first time, it was too sweet for my taste buds. That’s the case with most sugar-free energy supplements. As they contain artificial sugars that are 600 times sweeter than added sugar.  On the plus side, zero carb content is what makes this beverage a zero-calorie drink. 

For me, it’s the most affordable supplement, you only have to pay $0.35 per serving. With every sip of Gamer Supps, you can create unpredictable gaming wins and experiences!

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