Hype Energy Nutrition Facts (Detailed)

Hype energy drink is a great and considerably healthy option for boosting your energy before an intense workout.

But before you add Hype to your daily diet, it is essential that you know more about the brand’s nutritional value.

Hype energy claims to have no preservatives, no artificial colors, no aspartame and is prepared with only premium ingredients and vitamins.

Sounds amazing, right? Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s take a deeper look at the drink’s contents and determine if Hype really is worth the hype!

Why are Nutrition Facts Important?

The Nutrition Facts label is a mandatory requirement set by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), containing a detailed tag of the nutritional contents and specific amount for the food or beverage.

Nutritional facts assist in the maintenance of healthy eating habits and the attainment of a balanced energy level. 

These facts are made available as labels on the bottle and contain extensive information about a food’s nutritional composition, such as fat, sugar, salt, and fiber.

Knowing the nutritional values and contents and reading labels is especially essential when you have underlying diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, or if you need to follow a specific diet plan.

Nutrition Facts labels also make it easier for you to compare other foods and beverages so you’ll make a wise choice in which one is better and healthier.

Hype Energy Drink Ingredients

Hype is a carbonated energy drink prepared with unique and premium vitamins, taurine, and a practical yet healthy dose of caffeine. Here is a detailed list of ingredients present in Hype energy drinks.

Ingredient CategoryIngredient
VitaminsVitamin C, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12,
Vitamin B2
AcidifierCitric Acid
WaterCarbonated Water
ColoringCaramel Sugar Syrup
Acidity RegulatorTrisodium Citrate E331
Added FlavorsFlavorings
Flavour EnhancerErythritol
Amino AcidTaurine
Ingredients within Hype Energy

Nutrition Facts of Hype

The following are the nutritional facts of Hype per 100mL.

Energy202 kJ / 48kcal
Vitamin B36.4mg
Vitamin B51.98mg
Vitamin B121.00μg
Vitamin B20.56mg
Vitamin B60.56mg
Nutritional Contents of Hype Energy as indicated in its label.

Vitamins in Hype

Every flavor or type of Hype energy drink is prepared with a different and unique blend of vitamins.

However, most of the Hype Energy drinks contain more or less the following vitamins per 500g.

VitaminAmountDaily Value (%DV)
Vitamin B332.000mg200%
Vitamin B510.000mg200%
Vitamin B124.80mg200%
Vitamin B22.720mg209%
Vitamin B62.800mg200%
Vitamins provided by Hype Energy

How Much Sugar Does Hype Have?

Each 250ml can of Hype energy drink has approximately 28g of sugar.

However, if you are on a strict diet regimen, you can also find sugar-free variants of the Hype Energy drink.

Hype Energy Enlite Extra Low Cal is an excellent option for your low sugar diet as it is sweetened with stevia instead of traditional sugar.

Men should not take more than 36g of added sugar per day, according to the American Heart Association (AHA). On the other hand, women should not eat more than 25g of added sugar per day.

As a result, although the sugar spectrum of Hype Energy is suitable for males, it is unsuitable for women.

What Happens When You Have Too Much Sugar?

When you consume too much sugar, the additional insulin in your system might cause problems with your arteries throughout your body.

It causes their walls to become inflamed, thicker than usual, and stiffer, which strains and destroys your heart over time.

Heart illness, such as heart failure, heart attacks, and strokes, can develop due to this.

Calorie Content of Hype

Take your calorie consumption easy!

Hype Energy drink contains 120 calories per every 250ml can.

However, the calories can vary depending upon the flavor and variant of the Hype energy drink. The recommended daily calorie intake is 2000 calories for women and 2500 calories for men.

As a result, consuming a single can of Hype Energy will not cause you to gain weight.

Gender, genetics, age, lifestyle, and metabolism all have a role in your weight gain or weight loss.

Caffeine Content of Hype Energy

Every 250ml can of Hype contains 80mg of caffeine, which is relatively lower than most energy drinks.

Caffeine keeps you awake, pumped, and ready to take on your day, especially if you have a relatively fast-paced and active lifestyle. C

Caffeine in energy drinks improves your alertness and reduces fatigue. While Hype’s caffeine content is moderate, it’s still better to be careful of your intake because excessive consumption can lead to side effects like caffeine dependence, anxiety, and insomnia.

Side Effects of Too Much Caffeine

Having anything without moderation can prove extremely harmful to your health.

The daily recommended amount of caffeine for an adult is 400mg. Hence, you can easily consume two 500ml cans of a Hype energy drink without expecting any severe side effects.

In my opinion, though, you should stick to one can a day just to be safe.

Depending on your tolerance for caffeine, you could experience anxiety, jitters, and an increase in heartbeat.

However, if you consume a concerning amount of caffeine, it could even cause a seizure, increase your blood pressure, or cause a stroke.

Watch the video below for a more detailed guide on the potential side effects of caffeine.

Artificial Sweeteners in Hype

The majority of the variants of the Hype Energy drink contain only added sugar.

However, the Enlite variant is intentionally kept sugar-free and is sweetened with an artificial sweetener called Stevia.

Stevia is a sugar replacement produced from the stevia plant’s leaves. It is a lot sweeter in taste as compared to sugar but is entirely devoid of carbs.

What are the Variants of Hype?

Hype Energy Drinks
Hype Energy Drinks

Overall, there are four variants of the Hype energy drink, such as Original, MFP, Enlite, and Organic.

The Original Hype energy drink contains 80mg of caffeine while MFP contains slightly more caffeine, but the rest are the same.

The Enlite variant is lower in calories and comes with only 25 calories per can.

However, the Organic variant is high in calorie content, contains aloe vera, and does not contain Taurine as it is not organic. Moreover, the Hype energy drinks come in the following primary flavors:

  • Tropical Punch
  • Ice Berry Max
  • Sugar-Free
  • Mojito
  • MFP Zero sugar

Alternatives to Hype

The following energy drinks are great alternatives to Hype.

Other noteworthy mentions:


In conclusion, Hype is a pretty great option for people on a strict and healthy diet who need that extra energy boost before an intense workout.

Although the drink has a reasonable quantity of caffeine, it also contains a significant amount of sugar. Sugar-free versions are also available from Hype Energy, which you should consider if you want something healthier.

Lastly, keep in mind to always check the nutritional content label of every beverage you purchase, may it be Hype or any other drinks, as this may save you from any adverse reaction and side effects.

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