Is Full Throttle Vegan? (Debunked)

There are a lot of beverages in the present industry making waves due to their plethora of nutrients – they boast of a unique combination of ingredients that will make you stronger, smarter, and healthier. However, there is one important thing they may have missed: are they vegan and cruelty-free?

To put it simply, Full Throttle energy drinks are some of the vegan-friendly choices in the market. Well, there may be some exceptions. Ethical vegans may find this drink questionable but if you’re here for the boost then yup, Full Throttle’s ingredients are definitely vegan-friendly.

For a more detailed explanation, come on up and join me as I debunk the mysteries revolving around Full Throttle and whether they’re a healthy match for veganism.

Brief Take on Full Throttle Energy Drinks

Full Throttle was formulated by the solid beverage conqueror The Coca-Cola Company in 2004. Under its guidance, it easily became a common drink found in almost all grocery chains in Canada and the USA.

Between 2008 and 2012, the energy drink brand grew its reputation even more and secured the sponsorship of the National Hot Rod Association Competitions. While it may not be one of the major heavyweights in the market, people think it will only take some time for it to establish itself as one of the giants.

A move no one can predict occurred in the year 2015: Coca-Cola suddenly entered an agreement with fellow behemoth Monster Beverage Corporation. Their contract involves the exchange of ownership right between Monster and Coca-Cola’s jurisdictions.

Coca-Cola took their hands off several of their energy drink businesses including Full Throttle, Mother, Burn, Relentless, and NOS. Monster sold off their non-energy drink companies such as Peace Tea, Hubert’s Lemonade, and Hansen’s Natural Sodas.

Under a new system, Full Throttle was given a chance to undergo a transformation – Monster expanded the target demographics from motor enthusiasts to young adults ranging from 20 to 30 years old. Aside from this, Monster’s newly acquired brand got 40mg less caffeine.

In the present, Full Throttle makes millions of sales while slowly expanding its influence.

Nutritional Facts of Full Throttle

One of the most important aspects of an energy drink is the nutrition it will offer to its consumers. In this case, let’s take a look at Full Throttle’s nutritional label based on a 2000 kcal diet:

Nutrition Facts of Full Throttle Energy Drinks
Nutrition Facts of Full Throttle Energy Drinks

There are two positive things that stood out when it comes to this thirst quencher. Let me discuss it down below.


What I have noticed first and foremost about Full Throttle is the decent amount of vitamins that are not overwhelming in the slightest. Although I do think there are a lot of better brands out there that contain a much healthier punch, this caffeinated beverage can definitely become a source rich in vitamin B.

These are the nutrients contained in every Full Throttle can:

VitaminsAmount per 16 fl. oz of Full ThrottleRecommended Daily IntakeBenefits
Turns food into the necessary energy. Also contributes to skin and digestive health.
Pantothenic Acid6mg5mgA vital component in coenzymes responsible for breaking down fatty acids.
Pyridoxine4.08g1.3 – 1.7mgMainly used for red blood cell production and nerve functioning.
Cyanocobalamin12mcg2.4mcgEssential for making protein and stimulates fat and carbohydrate digestion.
Vitamin B in Full Throttle

In this sense, I can definitely assure you that Full Throttle is a good enough drink for you to identify it as a supplement. You won’t even need to worry about vitamin B overdose as these certain organic supplements are water-soluble.

Yup! You may have been troubled for a second while staring at the table above especially if you have seen the recommended intake for each vitamin. You shouldn’t rock your brain out because you’re definitely safe: all the excess vitamins not absorbed by the body are flushed away.


Full Throttle has only one mineral and it’s in the form of 160mg sodium. While this may seem minimal, sodium is a big help especially for people like me who are very involved in physical activities.

The ideal daily sodium intake amounts to no more than 1,500mg set by the American Heart Association. Full Throttle passed the mark – it contains just enough sodium to help the body replenish the lost fluids during extraneous exercises. This makes Full Throttle a good pre-workout drink.

If you’re interested, here are some of the best drinks to take when you’re working out.

Ingredients of Full Throttle

Here are the ingredients of Full Throttle Energy Drinks divided into their respective categories:

GeneralCarbonated Water
AcidsCitric Acid
Acid NeutralizersSodium Citrate
VitaminsB3, B5, B6, B12
Sugar & SweetenersSugar, Fructose Corn Syrup, D-Ribose
Flavors & EmulsifiersNatural and Artificial Flavors, Gum Acacia, Glycerol Ester of Rosin
ColoringsYellow 5, Blue 1, Red 40
Full Throttle Ingredients Divided into Categories

How healthy is Full Throttle?

Full Throttle has a list of vitamins and minerals that are tempting enough by itself. However, can you really consider it as a healthy beverage judging only to that extent?

Sugar Content

Sugar-free energy drinks and beverages are taking the world by storm. However, that doesn’t faze ultra-sweet Full Throttle containing about 55g of sugar per 16 fl. oz.

55 grams of sugar is roughly equivalent to 213 calories. This drink belongs in the upper tier when it comes to its sugar additives and multiple times the amount of the daily intake:

 Recommended Daily Sugar LimitEquivalent
Men36 grams9 teaspoons
Women24 grams6 teaspoons
Daily Sugar Intake for Men and Women

Just looking at the sugar content of Full Throttle is enough to give me the sugar crash. Here are some of the negative effects of consuming too much sugar in the body:

If there are no other viable options and my body is really craving something sweet and carbonated, Full Throttle energy drinks are some of my first choices. However, rather than taking one full can, I try to drink only less than half of it.

Here are the best sugar-free drinks I’ve found during my extensive journey in the caffeinated beverage industry.

Calorie Amount

A can of Full Throttle contains 230 calories – you may think of this as something light but you may change your mind if you saw how some energy drinks in the market have little to no calories.

The daily calorie limit should depend on a person’s weight, height, age, and health status. However, for general reference:

  • Women should consume no more than 2,000 calories a day.
  • Men should limit their intake to 2,500 calories daily.

If you’re not on a strict diet, you may find it irrelevant to check your calorie intake. However, I would still advise you to limit drinking Full Throttle because the calories it contains are mainly non-nutritional ones. Particularly the sugar in Full Throttle mainly occupies the calorie count which does not sit well with me.

Empty calories should better be reserved for something filling and nutritious, rather than risk having a sugar overload.

Caffeine Level

Full Throttle energy drinks belong in the moderately high caffeine-containing beverages. It has a caffeine level of about 160mg. While it does not compare with other beverages with an ultimately strong kick, it still is dangerous when not monitored correctly.

A healthy adult should only consume approximately 400mg of caffeine daily. Any more than that and you’ll be subjected to a variety of health issues not limited to caffeine overdose:

Full Throttle’s caffeine does not even reach half of the caffeine limit but take into consideration other caffeinated products you’ll consume the whole day. Aside from that, the caffeine and sugar combination is already more than enough to give your nerves the buzz it needs.

Is Full Throttle for Everyone?

While Full Throttle’s target market revolves mainly around young and healthy adults (20-30 years old), the other parts of the population may be eager to know whether this drink is safe for them to consume.

Fret not, as long as you’re healthy and have no severe health implications, you can definitely take on the tackle Full Throttle provides. Well, just count into the equation its sugar and caffeine content and you may be able to devise a strategy where drinking them can lead you to no health risk.

Is it Vegan?

While most energy drink enthusiasts value the caffeine kick or the vitamins and minerals in each caffeinated beverage formula, some of them are interested in a whole other sector – its ingredients.

Full Throttle energy drinks have vegan-friendly ingredients that are not harvested from animals of any kind.  However, if you’re a full-fledged ethical vegan, I don’t think it’s smart to drink Full Throttle as the sugar and coloring additives may be processed, tested, and refined at the expense of wildlife.

Sugar is an organic ingredient mainly derived from sugar canes and sugar beets. This makes it safe for vegans to consume. However, the issue lies within the way Full Throttle processes its sugar content. The refining process and the details at the back of the can don’t provide the necessary knowledge whether they are refined in non-cruel means.

This also applies to Full Throttle’s color additives. Some food colorings are made from animals or tested in exchange for their well-being. 

If you’re an ethical vegan, you may find both of these factors a cause of concern. In my opinion, I’d rather not consume Full Throttle at all than risk slaying my belief. However, if you’re someone belonging to a vegan group variety that only follows veganism for your well-being; I could definitely say that Full Throttle’s ingredients are free of animals.

For a more detailed uptake about the vegan lifestyle and its benefits, check this video below:

The Effects of a Vegan Diet

Is It Keto-Friendly?

The ketogenic lifestyle revolves around the body’s digestive process called ketosis. In simple words, when in a low carbohydrate diet, the body turns to digest fat which leads to weight loss and a healthier body.

Since Full Throttle has high-carbohydrate ingredients, it is expected that it does not suit those people who wanted to incorporate it into their keto lifestyle. It has too many carbohydrates in the form of sugar, it also has high-carb sweeteners, and contains chemicals not advised for the ketogenic diet.

Although Full Throttle is not keto-friendly, you can resort to this list of energy drinks you can take when on a low-carb high-fat diet.

Is It Gluten-Free?

If you have any allergy to gluten but have the inclination to crave energy drinks, you may want to take a shot of Full Throttle thirst quencher. Although it was not explicitly stated by the company, there are no gluten additives in each 16 fl. oz. can.

Gluten is most commonly found in wheat, barley, and other plant types. While it’s not dangerous when consumed by regular individuals, those with high sensitivity to gluten or those with celiac disease may react more strongly.

Here are the body’s adverse reactions to gluten:

Full Throttle Disclaimer

Full Throttle Disclaimer
Full Throttle Disclaimer at the Back of the Can

Energy drink consumption has different restrictions which should be stated in the back of every can or container. Some have zero calories and zero carbohydrates while some contain allergens that may trigger allergic reactions.

In Full Throttle’s case, the disclaimer clearly states that it is not for the consumption of children and pregnant women. Those who are sensitive to caffeine should also steer away from this product.

This is particularly true for lactating women; if you’re craving energy drinks during pregnancy, it’s best to stifle the urge to keep your baby safe. No matter how little the caffeine amount is, studies show that none are safe for you and your baby.

The American Academy of Paediatrics also clearly drew the line when it comes to energy drinks and children. Here are some of the possible health risks for children due to the chemicals in the caffeinated beverage formula:

Full Throttle Flavors

In the present times, Full Throttle only sells the two following flavors:

  • Original Citrus
  • Blue Agave

There was a time where they produce more than a few flavor varieties, but all these line-ups are discontinued. Full Throttle chose to stick to their main sellers.

Where to Buy Full Throttle

If you’re keen on buying Full Throttle energy drinks, you can definitely access them on a variety of online platforms. Personally, I buy them on the official website or on trusted sellers on Amazon. Another choice is Walmart which you can use to deliver the drink right in front of your doorsteps.

When it comes to physical stores, you can locate Full Throttle on various groceries and local chains. They’re really easy to find – just browse through the beverage section and you’ll see them on the aisles.

Is Full Throttle Bad For You?

Just like all energy drink beverages out there, overconsumption can definitely give you bad results. Although Full Throttle has a very high amount of sugar worth 55g, any health implications can be avoided as long as you practice moderation and self-control.

Dieticians identify Full Throttle as something that tops their dangerous list due to its overwhelming sweetness that appears disproportionate to a 16 fl. oz. can. However, since the sugar amount can be reduced as long as consumption is controlled, you can definitely enjoy a sip in this energy drink wonder.

Here is a detailed review of whether Full Throttle energy drinks are detrimental for you.

Alternatives to Full Throttle

There are a lot of other energy drink variants in the market aside from Full Throttle. Here are some of them:

Other Notable Mentions

Wrapping It Up

Full Throttle energy drinks are my guilty pleasure – they may come off as something of health risk but I think all inventions work like that. In general, I believe that all beverages are unhealthy if not taken correctly.

As such, I try my very best not to consume Full Throttle’s full capacity on rare days I crave for them. I limit my intake and only drink half a can (sometimes even less!) just to satisfy my sweet tooth cravings. The caffeine content is also not a cause of concern as long as I don’t drink or eat any more caffeinated products throughout the day.

However, what I can say is this: If you’re an ethical vegan, I won’t give you any guarantee that Full Throttle energy drinks are totally vegan-friendly. This is because their sugar and added coloring may have the possibility of being tested on animals.

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