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Is Zipfizz Vegan? (Answered)

Zipfizz is a powdered energy drink that comes in colorful tubes. You may have seen the brand around and gotten intrigued by its stand-out packaging, especially since many energy drink brands come in either cans, bottles, or sachets.

Well, Zipfizz is the real deal. It’s a low-calorie booster that contains only a fraction of the caffeine content present in most energy drinks. Furthermore, the caffeine is also naturally-sourced.

This may sound tempting to you, but it’s still better to do a close inspection of Zipfizz’s ingredients. And if you’re a vegan, there may be some ingredients in the powdered drink that are not up to snuff.

True enough, there are a couple of elements, namely Taurine and L-Arginine, that are not vegan-friendly. Read on as I go through the drink’s contents and explain why!

Zipfizz tubes
Different flavors of ZipFizz

What is Zipfizz Made Of?

Zipfizz is made up of both synthetic and natural ingredients. It contains a blend of guarana, ginger root, grape seed extract, ginseng, and amino acids.

Back of Zipfizz tube
Ingredients in ZipFizz

Zipfizz contains a mix of 25 vitamins, antioxidants, electrolytes, and minerals Including:

  • Vitamin A, B 12, B6
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc
  • Chromium
  • Potassium
  • Sodium
  • Selenium
  • Calcium
  • Manganese
  • Xylitol and sucralose

It has only 20 calories, a low 2g of carbohydrate content (about 2g) and only 100 mg of caffeine. This means that Zipfizz is a pretty low-caffeinated drink, so if you’re a beginner at energy drinks, you can definitely try Zipfizz.

Moreover, the drink is also sugar-free, so Zipfizz clears most dietary restrictions. Each tube has 2500mcg of Vitamin B12, which amounts to 41,667% of the daily recommended intake.

What are the Sources of these Ingredients?

CaffeinePlant source
Flavoring compoundsPlant source
XylitolPlant source
Vitamin B6Synthetic source
Potassium citrateSynthetic source
Ginseng ExtractPlant source
TaurinePrimarily found in animals
L- ArgininePrimarily found in animals
Green tea leaf extractPlant source
Grape skin extractPlant source

Are All Ingredients in Zipfizz Vegan?

Sadly, not all Zipfizz ingredients are vegan.

It is true that most of its contents are either plant-based or synthetically produced, but because of its Taurine, Vitamin B12, and L-Arginine, Zipfizz isn’t all the way vegan-friendly.


Taurine is a naturally occurring amino acid in your body. It is present in your brain, eyes, heart, and muscle functions.

Taurine is also found in some foods. Animal foods, such as meat, fish, and dairy, are the primary dietary sources of taurine. Smaller levels can also be found in some plant foods.

You may have heard rumors that Taurine comes from bull sperm, but most energy drinks brands actually synthetically produce the Taurine in their products. This is why it’s strange that Zipfizz didn’t go this route when formulating their blend.

Taurine is such a staple in energy drinks because it comes with several health benefits that improve your:

  • Exercise performance
  • Heart function
  • Cognitive function
  • Dopamine transmission

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is an essential B vitamin that aids in nerve tissue health, brain function, and red blood cell production. You may also know it by its other name, cobalamine.

Vitamin B12 is water-soluble and the body may keep the ingested vitamin for up to four years and flush any excess B12 in the urine.

You can get it from animal sources such as meat and fish, particularly haddock and tuna. Milk, cheese, and yogurt are also other sources of B12, as well as several nutritive yeast products and eggs. Because of this, vitamin B12 is not considered vegan-friendly.


Similar to Taurine, L-Arginine is another amino acid that aids in your bodily function. But L-Arginine particularly affects blood flow and the production of the growth hormone and insulin.

L-Arginine is sourced from dairy, fish, and other meat. However, L-Arginine can also be synthetically-produced and made into tablets that athletes regularly take to bulk up.

Does Zipfizz Have Dairy?

Good news: Zipfizz is dairy-free!

No ingredient in the drink comes from a dairy source, so rest assured that Zipfizz is safe for people who are lactose-intolerant or sensitive.

Lactose intolerance is typically characterized by stomach problems such as diarrhea, bloating, and nausea. This is because the body could not digest the lactose that is included in every dairy product like milk or cheese and the stomach reacts negatively to that.

Is Zipfizz Keto-friendly?

Absolutely! Zipfizz is low-carb, low-calorie, and sugar-free, making it a great option if you’re on a keto diet!

Plus, Zipfizz also contains electrolytes, which are particularly helpful in keeping you hydrated through your diet and exercise regimen.

Most ketogenic diets require that you only take up to 50 grams of carbohydrates a day in order to achieve ketosis, a state wherein your body burns fat at a much faster rate.

Considering that Zipfizz only has 2 g of carbohydrates, you’re quite safe. You still have plenty of room for other food and drinks to consume throughout the day.

And while a keto diet can be restrictive, do not depend on energy drinks like Zipfizz for sustenance. These beverages are not dietary supplements and will not give you the proper nutrition you need.

Is Zipfizz Gluten-free?

Yes, Zipfizz is gluten-free. The ingredients listed on the tube do not contain any gluten.

Gluten-free means avoiding foods containing gluten, which is mostly present in wheat, rye, and barley. A gluten-free diet is necessary for those who have celiac disease or are sensitive to celiac.

Celiac disease is a condition that entails your body responding negatively to celiac. It causes an immune reaction that includes abdominal pain, heartburn, and constipation.

However, the gluten-free diet isn’t just for those with celiac disease. Many experts have recommended going gluten-free because it can help you shed some pounds and get your energy up.

Does Zipfizz Have Added sugar?

Zipfizz does not have any added sugar. It is sweetened by artificial sweeteners Sucralose and xylitol which are FDA approved.

Sucralose is an artificial sweetener sold under the brand name “Splenda.” It is a byproduct of multi-step sugar manufacturing. Sucralose is 400–700 times sweeter than sugar and calorie-free, which means a little goes a long way.

Xylitol is a sugar alcohol that occurs naturally in berries and birch bark. It has the same sweetness as sugar. Although it has the same flavor and appearance, it contains 40% fewer calories.

However, just because Zipfizz is sugar-free doesn’t mean you can freely imbibe. It’s still good to take it easy with energy drinks since you have the caffeine content to be wary of plus some studies do claim that artificial sweeteners can be bad for your health.

Is Zipfizz Good for a Calorie Deficit Diet?

Zipfizz certainly won’t interfere with your diet!

As I mentioned previously, Zipfizz is very minimal and doesn’t contain too many calories or sugar. In fact, the powdered drink can be a better alternative to other high-caffeinated and sugar-loaded energy drinks.

However, 20 calories are still higher than some brands that offer calorie-free options. The average recommended daily calorie consumption is 2,000 to 2,500, so 20 or 0 won’t make much of a difference if you’re looking at the bigger picture.

But if you are on a really calorie-restrictive diet, it may be best to turn to zero-calorie brands instead, which I discuss in this article here.

Vegan-Friendly Alternatives to Zipfizz

Don’t fret if Zipfizz is not vegan-friendly. Here are some brands that offer vegan energy drinks that you can try instead.

Other notable mentions


As great as Zipfizz is, it’s a no-no if you’re a vegan. This is because it contains Taurine, L-Arginine, and vitamin B12, which are usually sourced from meat or dairy products.

Aside from that, the contents of the drink are pretty minimal, especially its caffeine and sugar. I do think that the calorie content could be lower though.

But all in all, Zipfizz is worth a try if you’re not avoiding non-vegan-friendly products. Plus, the drink is dairy-free and gluten-free, so that’s great.

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