Can You Drink Aspire Every Day? (Thorough Look)

Unlike other energy drinks, Aspire is considered a nutritious one and a healthy alternative to other beverages.

Aspire Energy drink is a calorie-free and sugar-free drink. Apart from that, Aspire contains only minimal caffeine amounting to only 80mg per 12 fl.oz; the caffeine used is 100% plant-based and vegan-friendly.

So, is this enough to drink Aspire Energy every day? Is it safe for daily consumption?

Well, if you want an honest answer, that’d be no. Personally, all energy drinks are bagged as unhealthy for daily consumption regardless of how much caffeine, sugar, calorie, or any other ingredients it contains, including Aspire. However, Aspire is a healthy alternative to other energy drinks. Why is that?

Buckle up as we dive for a thorough look!

Aspire Energy Nutrition Facts

All energy drinks have nutritional labels in every can. Have a look at Aspire’s.

Nutritional ContentsAspire Energy (12 fl. oz)
Energy0 calories
Total Fat0g (0g)
Carbohydrates (Of Which Sugars)0g (0g)
Vitamin B3 (Niacin)11mg
Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid)4mg
Vitamin B63.4mg
Vitamin B7 (Biotin)8μg
Vitamin B121.7μg
Nutritional Facts of Aspire Energy

Aspire Energy Drink Ingredients

Now, let’s see the categorization of all ingredients present in Aspire Energy.

Ingredient TypeIngredient
EnergizersCaffeine, Guarana Seed Extract,
Green Tea Extract, L-Carnitine, Calcium Lactate
AcidCitric Acid, Malic Acid
Amino AcidsTaurine
VitaminsVitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C
WaterCarbonated Water
Artificial FlavorsSucralose
Additional FlavorsNatural Flavors
Acidity RegulatorSodium Citrate
StimulantsGreen Tea Extract, Choline Bitartrate
Aspire Energy drink ingredients categorization.

Caffeine Content in Aspire

All energy drinks contain caffeine, making them potent, effective, and accurate to their general category.

Aspire Energy has 80mg of plant-based caffeine in every 12 fl. oz. Is this amount dangerous? The answer is both a yes and a no. An 80mg of caffeine is not really harmful and will not produce any adverse effects if consumed in moderation.

However, it will be dangerous and damaging if it is not consumed in moderation and you’ve exceeded the 400mg recommended daily limit.

The caffeine present is 100% plant-based, yes. However, caffeine is caffeine, and it still produces similar effects regardless of the source if there is overconsumption.

Sugar Content in Aspire Energy

Aspire Energy is definitely sugar-free!

This is one of the reasons why Aspire is considered a healthy alternative. However, Aspire does contain Sucralose. If you’re still unfamiliar with this, Sucralose is an artificial sweetener added to most energy drinks to enhance their flavors.

Is Sucralose FDA-approved? Definitely!

There are six available high-intensity sweeteners; Saccharin, Aspartame, Acesulfame Potassium (Ace-K), Sucralose, Neotame, and Advantame. Sucralose is highly common.

The FDA approved the use of Sucralose in 1999. There are over 113 studies that back up Sucralose as a general-purpose sweetener and its safety for usage. Splenda is the most common artificial sweetener that is categorized as Sucralose.

Calorie Content in Aspire

Aspire is a calorie-free drink.

The suggested daily calorie intake for men and women is 2500 and 2000, respectively. Too many calories may be harmful. If you have consumed too many calories and were not able to burn them, chances at it’ll be stored as excess fat deposits in your body.

On the other hand, Aspire wouldn’t affect your diet if you somehow cut out your daily calorie intake to lose weight.

Is Aspire Energy Good For You?

Yes. It is not entirely bad.

Like any other energy drink, Aspire has its pros and cons to the person consuming it. Just as long as you stick to the recommended daily threshold dose set by standard organizations and you stick to your daily limit because not all person has similar limitations, then you have nothing to worry about.

Moderation is always the key.

Can You Drink Aspire Everyday?

You can drink Aspire Energy regularly.

Aspire is not that potent and robust. You may opt to drink it every day; however, I do not recommend it. Aspire Energy may contain a minimal amount of caffeine, but it isn’t our only daily source of caffeine.

There are some foods and beverages, even medical drugs that contain loads of caffeine more than you know. So, it is always best to check labels before taking them.

You may also have a visit to your physician for advice about energy drink consumption.

The video below gives a pretty good explanation and information that you can note regarding the daily consumption of energy drinks.

Aspire Energy Drink Flavors

Aspire Energy is available in various flavors. You may try them all and see what you like best.

Aspire Flavors
Apple + Acai
Mango Lemonade
Orange Pineapple
Lemony Lime
Peach Tea Lemonade
Dark Cherry Lime
Raspberry + Acai

Price of Aspire Energy

The price of Aspire varies from where you are going to buy; local store or online, plus the shipping fee.

Buying in your local store takes too much of your time, but if you prefer it, then have it your way. Well, this may actually be cheaper because you don’t have any shipping fee to pay. But if you don’t have the time to go outside and shop for Aspire Energy drink, buying online is the answer.

Here are some sites and places where you can go to buy your regular dose of Aspire, including their approximate prices.

WebsitesSingle Can4-pack12-pack24-pack
Walmart$24 (Single flavor) to
$36 (Various flavors)
Star Market $2$8

Aspire Energy Drink Alternatives

If Aspire Energy doesn’t go well with your taste, here are some alternatives to boost you up.

Some noteworthy energy drinks:


The very reason why Aspire is considered a healthy substitute to other energy drinks is because of its sugar-free, calorie-free, and minimal caffeine formula. However, I still do not recommend drinking Aspire or any other energy drinks daily.

Energy drinks have their beneficial quantities. Aspire is a good one since you can consume it even if you are on a diet or trying to lose weight. You can also drink Aspire to boost your stamina before a workout session.

Aspire does work its way around, but always keep in mind to consume it in moderation as adverse reactions and side effects may occur if you do otherwise.

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